Polypropylene Plant

We are one of the raising petrochemical industry to achieve a position of leadership with downstream extension into high-value petrochemical businesses while ensuring integration with KPC activities both domestically and internationally.

Currently, Polypropylene Plant (Olefins-II) with Capacity 150,000 MT as feedstock source comes from two main company Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) & Equate.

PIC's Polypropylene Business will be Maximize with the coming Vietnam Project to 300,000 MT Off-Take agreement with NSRP (a Joint Kuwait Petroleum International "KPI" with Vietnam & Japanese partners) & Coming Bambina-Canada Project to 550,000 MT.


Adopting UCC/DOW Technology

Product Range:

Our main products are Raffia (HT031) and Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (HF029) with other various grades in a melt flow rate range of 3.0 to 25.0 dg/min, which covers applications for major film, injection molding, and coarse and fine fiber markets. which are important basic chemicals used for a vast range of industrial uses - from House ware and packaging material to molded plastics used by the automobile industry for the manufacture of Carpets, Medical Containers, Batteries and other components.

Polypropylene MSDS  download-2-xxl.png                                           PP Technical Data Sheet  download-2-xxl.png